Friday Five!

If you've been following along on my Facebook page, then you've probably seen my new "Friday Five" series. 

Each week, I choose 5 crochet related items to share with you. 

Previously, I been posting them in a slideshow and then going live later in the day to chat about them. After the chat I would post links, but I have had people ask for the links at the time of the slideshow, so I figure this would be the easiest way to share all the links! 

I will still go live this afternoon to tell you why I picked them. 

So, here is this week's picks: 

1) Crochet Design of the Week: 
Laura Gingham Scarf by Divine Debris (I told you I love her designs ;) ) 
This scarf was designed as part of the Crochet Charity Drive event, and it's really starting to get cold around here, so it is definitely fitting! Isn't it just amazing? And it's a free pattern!

For the next several weeks, my crochet feature will be the scarves from this drive

2) Sheep and Shout Yarn phone case from Design Maven NYC. It comes in  cases for iphone 4 - 6plus and Samsung Galaxy 3-6. The price does vary depending on the model. 
3) Wooden Yarn Ball Ornament from Woah the Pickle. 
Because Christmas is right around the corner and I want yarn under my tree and on my tree! Ha!

4) Unicorn Ergonomic Crochet Hook from For the Love of Yarn UK. I chose this because: UNICORNS! I am a rainbow lover and unicorns are totally adorable, plus my daughter is obsessed, so I kind of have an extra soft spot for them. And these are super duper cute!! 

5) Row Counter and Yarn Cutter from Debra's Garden.
What a handy tool this is! Keep track of your row count, plus fasten off your yarn, all with one tool! And look at all the fun colors it comes in!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 picks! Let me know what you think in the comments! 

1 comment:

  1. Nice picks, for sure! Love the gingham scarf/cowl....I may have to look into that process...hmmm!
    That's a cute/practical row counter - BUT for the size, it seems VERY pricey to me....I was ready to order one until I looked at the price...So, I said to myself, that must mean I get one of each color? - no! that is for one row counter...would be almost cheaper to hire someone to sit with me and count rows for me.
    Sorry - it's very clever, but not THAT much. Please try to find one that's a bit more budget friendly. I could buy yarn for several scarves/hats, etc. with that much...
    Thanks, though. This made for interesting reading...the Unicorn hooks are precious! but sold out...darn.


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