SpinOff Yarn Spinner

Tired of chasing your yarn around the house when you work from the outside of the ball?

I was too! So when I saw this AMAZING tool from Chetnanigans, I knew I had to get it!!

The SpinOff Yarn Spinner comes in only 4 pieces and it's really easy to put together!

There's also two ways to use it: Horizontal or Vertical.

The craftmanship is also something to brag about. The wood is perfectly smooth and beautifully finished. No need to worry about snags. All the components are pretty sturdy, so this piece will hold up well.

It's features furniture saver feet, for both set ups. And there are strong magnets that hold the pieces together when you're using it in the vertical position.

So, are there any cons? Nope, nothing I have found! I was hoping to be able to use it for double strand crocheting, by using one strand from the inside of the skein and the one from the outside, but it doesn't work out...which is wasn't meant to. However, if you wind off half the yarn and thread two balls onto the rod, then VIOLA! You can use it for double strand work too!

Seriously, this tool is the best! I look forward to working on many many projects from this SpinOff Yarn Spinner!! Oh, and did I mention it works Balls, Cakes, and Skeins alike? Woohoo!

Don't forget to check out the other fantastic tools in the Chetnanigans Shop! I also have this amazing Slim Line Hook Stand! It's the basic model, so definitely check out all the other lines they have to offer! There are more deluxe models and they make them for all hook types!

Thanks for stopping by and reading about this amazing new find!!


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