Keep An Eye Out

If you follow me closely, you've probably "heard" me refer to RaeLynn from AllieCat's Hats & Crafts as my Twinsie. 

I had seen her on the crochet block for a while before we started chatting, but once we did, we became fast friends! We realized we had a lot in common, even odd things like having daughters named Haylee and Baylee who share a birthday (but 12 years apart) and living in the same state, in the same county, only 15 minutes away from each other (and even grew up in towns only 20 minutes apart!)

As time went on, our connection became more and more uncanny. We were always thinking the same things at the same time and had so many similarities in personality. Then came Round 9 of Battle of the Stitches, where the Twinsies joke became a reality!

If you're a BOS fan, you probably saw these two market bags:

Well, this was a complete shock to the both of us! We didn't tell each other what were were making. Actually, we hadn't even talked about the challenge. But somehow, we had managed to design nearly the same exact bag!!! It was unreal!

Of course, we just had to keep the fun going! But, I can't tell you what the fun is just yet. SO, pop on over next Thursday to see what we have going on! 

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  1. Crazy cool! Sisters at heart! Love this story, can't wait to see what's coming. :)

  2. Wow! That's amazing about you two! What a small world!


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