Design Wars Challenge 1 - Red Heart Anne Geddes - Island Princess Swimsuit Cover

My very first Design Wars Challenge is here and I couldn't be more excited!

My challenger is Briana K (how awesome is that?!) and we were given the option to either use the same yarn or to choose a theme. We immediately decided we wanted to do a beach theme. At first we wanted to try and use the same yarn as well, but eventually I decided to give Red Heart Anne Geddes yarn a try and I am really happy I chose it! It's soft and stretchy and comes in so many beautiful colors.

I also learned that it's fairly stain resistant: After the photo shoot I took my daughter to get ice cream.Well, I forgot to take the swimsuit cover off of her beforehand and she spilled chocolate ice cream down the front (which I didn't notice right away). We didn't get home until 10 minutes or so later and I thought I was in big trouble; if my photos didn't come out good I was going to have to make a whole new cover up.
I took it off her the second we got home and ran to the bathroom and started rinsing...and to my surprise it washed away. I thought maybe it was the lighting; I was sure there would be at least be a light, but I took it outside to let it dry and looked again: POOF, the ice cream was no where to be found! I am now even more in love with this line of yarn than I was before the dessert incident. Perfect yarn for toddler garments!

The idea behind the Island Princess Swimsuit Cover was to make something quick and easy, but still really pretty and stylish. It had to be lacy so it could be worn on the beach. I immediately knew I wanted to use simple flowers in this design and that's when I stumbled upon a flower granny square. I knew I had to make something similar. I love the little touch of tropics it has. I went with a halter strap that is adjustable and removable for ease of wearing; Toddler aren't always the easiest people to dress.

I had a great time working with this yarn and I absolutely LOVE the Island Princess Swimsuit Cover. It's lightweight and the color combinations are endless. Check out these versions from my testers:

Thank you Red Heart!
And thank you all for taking time to read about my experience with Anne Geddes yarn! You can get this pattern on sale now through Sunday (7/12/15) for 40% off. Enjoy!

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