Crochet Invisible Join Technique

Invisible Joins are a must when crocheting in the round!

This is a repost from my old blog, but the "invisible" join is by far one of my favorite techniques, so I wanted to update it and share it again.

Do these few simple steps before you hide your strings to have a neater finish to your projects.

1. Crochet a circle (or round project), sl st to join, and Fasten (Cut the attached end and pull through loop on hook, pull tight to close).

2. Pull hook out of loop and insert in adjoining stitch (under both "loops") and pull strand all the way through. ** You want strand running down the back side/wrong side.
3. Pull hook out of loop and insert in adjoining stitch Front Loop Only (FLO). Pull strand all the way through and give it a little tug.

4. Final product: Neat "invisible" finish.

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