Painted Snow Castles

One of the things I love most about snowy days is that it gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my kids!
But, it can be tricky finding something that everyone will enjoy.

Last year I came across a Pinterest pin of spray bottles full of colored water to spray onto snow and I knew this was totally something my kids would love. We didn't have spray bottles, so I improvised and poked holes in the caps of empty water bottles.
Then I filled the bottles up with water and added food coloring. I used red, yellow, blue, and green and then I made mixes to get teal, orange, and purple.

We actually did this activity on the deck while we were shoveling it off. I told the boys I would be right back and snuck inside to get this activity together.

Boy did they light up when I returned with a pot full of colorful water bottles and cups. "What's all that for?!" they asked me. "We're making Snow Castles!!!" "Woohoo, YEAAAHHH!!!!!" was the response (and some hugs...BONUS!). And then they started grabbing at the supplies like it was the best thing they had ever seen!

We each made our own snow castles. I used cups only and sculpted a cute little heart for the top.

My younger son made two big blocks with the pot and then made a wall in the front with cups

And my oldest son only got this far before he realized something else that would be a lot more fun
Targets for Baseball practice...Er, Snowball practice?! Can you tell he's a pitcher?
I think we will do it again this year. We just got a huge blizzard that gave us about 15" of snow and we are expecting more today, so we could make some HUGE castles!
We all had a blast with this and that's why I just had to share our twist on the activity (even if it is a year later lol) ! If you decide it try it out, please share with me, I'd love to see what you come up with!

Do you have any fun winter activity ideas? Tell me in the comments!

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