Battle of the Stitches...Back for Round 4!

The theme is Love. The Stitch is the Lover's Knot.The competition is Fierce. And I'm so excited to have been invited back to be a part of it!

I have recently gone through all of the challenger shops (ya know, sizing up the competition, haha) and I am falling in love with their work all over I've decided to share with you one of my favorite designs from each of them...and then you will know why they have me totally intimidated!

The Challengers and their Facebook pages are:
3 Boys & A Ball of Yarn - Melanie Padron
Articles of a Domestic Goddess - Donna Knox
Busting Stitches - Stacey Williams
Chris~Cross~Crafts - Christine Norris
Crafting Friends Designs - Kate Wagstaff
Desert Diamond Crochet - Rebecca Goldsmith
Pink Snail Boutique - Lisa Egan
Silverdragon Crafts & Critters - Samantha Bagley
The Country Willow - Sheri Weber
The Crafty Geekette - Jacqualyn Walker
Two Brothers Blankets - Michelle Ferguson

And my favorite patterns from them (including links to the pattern and to their shops):

I am head over heels in love with Halloween. I don't know what it is,
I just know that I'm in love with everything involving it!
And so this Frankie-Boy Set from 3 Boys & A Ball of Yarn has me excited!
It's fun, it's practical, and it's the full costume set. Just AWESOME!

When my boys were little we used seat belt covers with their booster seats because the belts would rest on their face or neck and it just looked so dangerous. Imagine my delight when I saw Articles of a Domestic Goddess came out with a crocheted version! The ones you buy in store are just so boring, but Donna has made them fun and inviting...and before long I will have another babe in a booster seat. She will definitely have one of these Dragon/Dino Travel Pals.

Stacey of Busting Stitches was a fellow challenger in Round 3 of Battle of the Stitches as well, and she completely wowed me with her Winter Princess Dress & Hat
submission. It's so gorgeous and my little princess is sure to have one in a couple years!

Recently, Chris~Cross~Crafts released this Fall Romance shawl pattern and it took my breath away! It is so beautiful and elegant and something I would totally wear! I truly love this one!!!

One of my favorite things to crochet is clothing, especially dresses for my daughter! And I cannot wait for summer to get here so I can make the Stars & Stripes Toddler Sundress by Crafting Friends Designs!

Desert Diamond Crochet has a ton of awesome character hat patterns in her shop. I am in awe of how much effort she puts into the details. It's really hard to choose just one favorite, but this Christmas Sock Monkey is one at the top of my list!

I'm always looking for a good basket! I have found a lot of crochet versions that just weren't my taste, but the Rustic Basket Set from Pink Snail Boutique is perfect! I just love the look of them and I think they would make great gifts for all the crafters in your life! I am not the most organized person and I need storage to keep all my crafty items in place and easily accessible and I would be more than happy to have a bunch of these around my house!

So, about Halloween, I am ABSOLUTELY DROOLING over this Wendy the Witch amigurumi pattern from Silverdragon Crafts & Critters! I just love all the details like the widow's peak in her sparkly hairline, the purple nails, and the sparkly purple shoes! So much fun!!! I shall have her someday!

Juno the Owl Sweater is definitely my favorite design by The Country Willow. I'm not the biggest fan of working up the crocodile stitch, but this sweater is so beautifully put together it actually makes me crave it! Really, I love everything about it; the colors, the stitches used, the size of the eyes, even the chosen buttons!

I'm a pretty big sucker for Amigurumi! I love to make them, design them, and just in general admire them! The Always Deer created by The Crafty Geekette is my FAVORITE deer pattern! They are so darn adorable and would work well as decorations AND toys.

I'm  really loving this Spring Breeze Sweater Blouse by Two Brothers Blankets! It's been on my to-do list since she released it this Spring. Hopefully by Spring 2015 it will be in my closest..or should I say, on me!

Now can you see why they have me shaking in my boots?? The talent among this group of ladies is phenomenal and I just know their designs are going to be show stoppers!

So, there are 12 challengers in the round, which means I didn't share anything of mine. How about we play a fun game? If you can guess which design of mine is my FAVORITE, you will get one free pattern of your choice from my collection. Yep, it's that easy. I will allow 3 guesses per person. So head over to My Ravelry Shop, check them out, and then take a shot by posting your guesses in the comments. I will announce my favorite on Friday, so check back to see if you're a winner!


  1. I will pick my favorites and hopefully 1 of them matches yours :) Chilly Cables Coatigan, Color Block Cardigan and the Fur Trimmed Sloots

  2. For anyone unable to post here because they don't have the "right" accounts, go ahead and leave your guesses on the Facebook post! :)

  3. Well, you did say that you love Halloween and I think these are adorable!
    (Natasha Hudgins)

    1. I do!!! So isn't it weird that I don't have many Halloween patterns?!?! lol I design stuff and then I never end up stitching it up! Someday...haha

  4. Here's my favorites. I hope one of them is your favorite as well. Chilly Cables Coatigan, Star Struck Ear Warmer, and Battle Thinking Cap

  5. CLOSED -- No one guessed my favorite design. My all time favorite of my designs is the Rose Fairy Tutu Dress:
    This pattern was the 1st one I created that I was soooo excited about, I was so excited that I couldn't even sleep! And it was also the 1st design that "flew off the shelves"!
    Because no one guessed the right one, I will put everyone's names into a spreadsheet and do a random drawing tonight when I get home (including those that guessed on Facebook)
    Thank you all for playing along!

    1. That's awesome. Now going to go look at that one


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