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Phew, it's been a wild week. I have been designing two Halloween patterns plus I'm still in the process of reformatting my patterns and best of all, we turned in our final piece for Battle of the Stitches and voting started Wednesday. I am so excited to see how it all turns out and who made what. Make sure you go vote by clicking on the photo below and scrolling to the bottom of the page!
Battle of the Stitches Round 3

So, last week I was nominated by Sheri from Frogging Along to answer 4 questions about myself & my business. After I answer the questions, I am to nominate 3 people to answer the same questions. I'm game, it sounds like fun!

Why do I do what I do?
I love crafts, especially crochet. I just love anything that allows me to outlet this pent up creativity. My mind constantly races with fun things to make. A few years ago I decided it would be fun to sell the things I make. I offered custom crochet items as well as other crafts like Quiet Books and hair accessories. After  about a year of doing that I realized that I was crocheting more than I was doing anything else and I was making up my own patterns and I LOVED IT! I ultimately decided that crochet pattern designing is where the heart is!


How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I'm not sure if my work differs from others, but I think I have a pattern shop full of a variety of items, where as some designers stick to one area such as adult clothing or Amigurumi. I do it all (1st adult clothing item coming soon!). I also like to create random items that people may not have realized they wanted like my Shopping Cart Cover pattern or my new Apple Orchard Tote pattern. I like practicality!

How does my creative process work?
Gees, do I even have a creative process? My mind just races and races with ideas. I feel inspired by EVERYTHING in some way or another. I could see trees and think of something fun to make. I am often kept up late at night because my brain does not want to stop. I just wish I had the time to make everything I have written down! For instance, I recently came up with lots of summer designs, but summer came to an end, so now I will be sitting on them until next spring...but oh the designs next spring will probably bring lol

What am I working on now?  
Right now I am working on some Halloween items. I LOVE Halloween! I have a couple of my own designs on the hooks right now, but I am also participating in the Grim Wreath Challenge from The Crochet Crowd and the Little Monsters Photo Challenge from Red Heart! It's going to be another busy, yarn filled week! I love it!

Halloween Leg Warmers

Here's a Halloween design from last year; Leg Warmers:

Now it's time to nominate 3 people. There are so many bloggers I would like to hear from!
I just love a creative mind and I love to learn about people!

I will nominate:
1. Shana Rowe Jackson of Caution: Artist at Play, my lovely younger sister and very seriously talented artist.

2.  Amanda Nicole Evanson of MNE Crafts. I just met her through Battle of the Stitches and I'm so glad I did. She is such a sweetheart and has been such a big help to me!

3. Raelynn Orff of Alliecat's Hats and Crafts. Another sweetheart, Raelynn is a crochet designer local to me, which I think is AWESOME and I would definitely like to know more about her.

Ok ladies, next Friday 10/3 you need to make a blog post answering the same questions I just answered! Have fun! Can't wait to read them!!!



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